Arctic Wasp survival stove

Chrome Wasp microstove

Arctic Wasp - Survival Stove

A small burner, ideal for a small / medium sized room, living vehicles, shepherd huts, yurts, boats etc incorporating all the latest technologies; Airwashed glass, clean burn, stove plate body & stainless steel firebox with super efficient burn. This model has extended capacity for long arctic nights.

Serves as a general purpose cooker/heater and keeps in overnight on one fill.

Dimensions 250W x 300D x 450mm high, Output 4+KW

The 8mm thick hotplate extends over the stove body & has a removable recessed hob so flames are directly under kettle etc, (boils in less than 5 mins).

Optional H/W boiler

Designed & handbuilt in Devon to last a lifetime..

Queen Wasp microstove
Comparison between standard 375mm high 'queen wasp' (left, with chrome door) & this taller 450mm high 'arctic wasp' long burn version with increased output.
Version with 2KW Boiler
Version with 40% boiler for use in converted horsebox