The Cube woodburning stove
Cube 500 in heavy iron plate

Cube Mk1


Heavy Iron Cube



Chrome trim cube 500


MK1 - Top

Mk2 Multifuel - middle - Note air controls for above & below fuel.

Mk3 with 50% of its output to central heating boiler - above.

A very heavy duty Stove constructed from iron plate and refractory grade stainless steel, dimensions 500 x 500 x 650-750mm high

All include a removable hotplate. Controls for air inlet is the sliding bar below window. Flue control at the rear left of chimney.

The design has an advanced gas/air heat exchanger, is fully clean burn and is a living centrepiece of living rooms & studios both home & abroad.


  • Towel rail
  • Central Heating boiler
  • All polished stainless construction
  • Scalable up or down


Double door 500 MK3 special