Chrome Wasp microstove

'The Hornet'

Medium Woodburning Stove

A medium sized burner based on 'Queen Wasp' stove, ideal for a medium / large sized room, yurts, boats etc incorporating all the latest technologies; Airwashed glass, clean burn, thick boiler plate body & stainless steel firebox with super efficient burn.

This serves as a general purpose cooker/heater and keeps in overnight on one fill.

Dimensions, 420 x 500 x 550mm high, the output can be calibrated to between 4 to 7.5 KW depending on installation space.

The 10mm thick hotplate extends over the stove body & has a removable recessed hob so flames are directly under kettle etc, (boils in less than 5 mins).

Options - chrome door & trim, C/H boiler, lightweight all polished stainless version

Designed & handbuilt in Devon to last a lifetime..

Hornet at work

(Top)Chrome version first prototype with 125mm flue and output set to 5KW

(Above) Plain iron plate version with air inlet valve control at base maximum, shown with hob handle removed and stack butterfly valve maximum.