'Der Kapitan' Marine Stove


Shiny Stove for ships

In Situ

Photos - Top: The destination of commission

Middle: Finished shown mounted in 'L' shaped heat shield

Bottom: Position in where stove will be in cabin.


A small burner weighing only 15KG and made entirely from corrosion proof parts. Designed for sailing yachts and boats from 30ft, it features: Fiddle rail, Airwashed glass, clean burn, cooking plate & super efficient burn with separate controls for air in & flue out.

Dimensions 300L x 300W x 300mm High, Output 2-5KW. Total weight 13KG (not including mounting plate)

In use

The stove has a removable recessed hob with a 200mm deep cooking area (boils kettle in less than 5 mins) and very accurate heat control for general cooking. When the controls are set to low heat output the stove will give a genuine overnight burn with a good fill of fuel.

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