Wasp sculpture

Older and scrap metal designs + 10 years

Brushed Stainless Stove
Potbelly Stove
Small Woodburning Stove
Sculptural Heating Installation
Handbuilt Stove with Boiler

Rocket Woodburner

Sculptural Stove

Large Sculptural Range for Barn
Buried Hillside Oven
Small Travelling Burner in Living Vehicle

Small Woodburner

Suffolk Range

Medium Multifuel Stove / Range
Large Stainless 'Rocket 1200'


The first... Late 1980's An old propane bottle laid on its side with a circular door and a carburettor for an air intake, fitted upstairs in old London bus! These pages chart experiments with form & style up to the first high tech model the 'clean burn rocket' in 2002.