Wasp sculpture Stainless Rocket Stoves

Rocket 1100

Rocket 1100 12KW, Devon (above) Rocket 1200 15 KW (below), Scotland, both with boilers.

Rocket 1200

Mk2 Rocket

Rocket 840 MK1

Mk1 Rocket

Rocket 840 MK2

Rocket stoves in Stainless Steel.

These units incorporate clean burn technology and are able to burn a number of fuels including coal and relatively wet timber. Heat output up to 100KW (size dependent).

Sizes available are from 600 - 2500mm high. Width is half the height.

Top, a larger version (1100 Mk3) with central heating boiler is fitted in large 3 bedroom semi and has a recessed front door 12KW 50% to water and below that a bigger 15KW version fitted in a highland cottage near Thurso at the very top of Scotland.

Above left is the original clean burn rocket installed in a cottage near Ludlow

Above right Rocket MK2 840, a more recent design with a refractory stainless inner skin 5-8KW


Installed in East Devon

They are also available in black rolled boiler plate, see IRON ROCKET